Celebrate Our Cultural Diversity


Welcome to Read Me a Story, a multicultural showcase of 1,200 folktales and fairy tales from 120 countries coming December 8 – 16, 2015 at the Roundhouse Community Centre.


Passed down through time, folktales and fairy tales form the mythology that influences each new generation of children. They offer insights into their culture of origin and its people.

The Read Me a Story Exhibition is a free, inclusive and family friendly exhibition that celebrates the world’s rich cultural diversity. It aims to:

  • Inspire empathy and understanding;
  • Arouse creativity, curiosity and imagination; and
  • Emphasize the importance of literacy for children and families.

Save the date!

The exhibition and accompanying activities for families, school groups and youth, will be available at the Roundhouse Community Centre from December 8-16, 2015.


A selection of folktales and fairy tales, which transcend time and culture, has been given new life in large murals by modern artists called “panorama picture books” that form a large part of the exhibition. Both children and adults can appreciate the diverse portrayal of common themes expressed in the stories on display at the exhibition.

Standing in front of these panoramas, individuals, families, school classes and youth groups will have the opportunity to understand cultures that may differ from their own by reading the stories out loud, or engaging in interactive activities related to the content of the murals.

Families, children and student groups will also have the opportunity to read and learn from the 1,200 picture books in various languages that will also be on display. The collection on display is among 10,000 picture books from 120 countries and regions around the world that were compiled as part of the exhibition.

Originally touring in Japan, Read Me a Story had its first international showing in Toronto in 2002, and a subsequent Canadian showing in Edmonton in 2006. The exhibition makes its West Coast debut from December 8 – 16, 2015 at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Downtown Vancouver.